Welcome to the FABLE ENTERTAINMENT website!

Fable Entertainment is a Hollywood based production company for film, television and theater.
It is the joint venture of Zivit Davidovich, a veteran television producer and now VP of Content and Production at the Israeli channel 10 (www.10.tv) television network,
and Yuval Shrem - A director, screen-writer and music composer, who had been working extenssively in the Israeli television industry since 1995 (www.yuvalshrem.com) untill moving to Hollywood in 2002.

Fable Entertainment is a newly formed enterprise, and is intending to focus mostly on projects for the US market, with international appeal.
Our project lineup includes a wide variety of genres, from period war dramas, to fantasy, suspense-thrillers, musical comedy and more.

Following our award-winning short film "THE BABIES", we are now in post production on our first feature film project "A PLEA FOR TENDERNESS". We are also gearing up toward our feature film production of "MICKY'S HOME" based on the critically acclaimed play by Stephen Fife, and in pre-production for a new Animated TV series "GURI GRAIN OF SAND".

Additional materials, including written information and video trailers, will be added to this website in the near future.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us by email at: info@fableentertainment.com

Here is a partial list of our current project lineup:

Film Projects

- THE BABIES Completed (www.thebabiesmovie.com)
- A PLEA FOR TENDERNESSPost Production (www.pleafortendernessmovie.com)
- AS NIGHT FALLS Post Production
- MICKY'S HOME – Under development
Under Development (www.bluekissmovie.com)
- SIZZLE SIZZLE – Under development (www.sizzlemovie.com)

- SPOKESMANUnder Development
- HUBRIS – Under Development (www.hubrismovie.com)
- THAT THING UNDER THE ROSE – Under Development
- SEMANTICA – Under Development
- THE MULAKS – Under Development
- SLANDER – Under Development (Based on the new and successful Novel by Hana Goldberg)
- QUEEN ESTHER – Under Development (www.queenesthermusical.com)
- TALL STORY – Under Development
- SANE – Under Development

Television Projects

- GURI GRAIN OF SAND Pre Production
- EPIC JAM – Under Development
- SPILL – Under Development
- MOVIE OF THE STATE – Under development

- THE MULAKS– Under Development

Theatre Projects

- BLUE KISS - Now playing at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe festival (www.bluekissplay.com)|
- FEELING LUCKY - Now playing at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe festival (www.feelingluckyplay.com)
- YOUNG FOREVERWorkshopping
- QUEEN ESTHER – Under Development (www.queenesthermusical.com)

Queen Esther - Musical

contact us by email: info@fableentertainment.com